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Help & Info about Yahoo! Messenger for android

  • What is Yahoo Messenger?

    Originally launched in 1998 under the name of Yahoo Pager, Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging client that can be used by anyone with a Yahoo ID. Users will be able to communicate with each other through text messages.
  • Can you choose who has access to you in Yahoo Messenger?

    Yes. By adjusting privacy settings, the user can decide whether or not they want to appear in searches, and whether they are open to chat invitations from other people. It is the user's choice how available to conversation they are.
  • Is it possible to access conversation history in Yahoo Messenger?

    The messenger includes a conversation archive tool that allows the user to revisit earlier conversations with friends. The tool includes a sophisticated search engine, allowing conversations to be filtered by type.
  • Is it safe to use Yahoo Messenger?

    As with all instant messengers and social networks, any user will require to follow some basic steps to ensure safety and privacy. Yahoo offers a service that will help any user who encounters fraud or similar safety concerns while using the messenger software.
  • Is it possible to share images and videos using Yahoo Messenger?

    Yes. During text conversations with friends, it is possible to send not only still images, but also videos and animated GIFs. Doing so is a simple matter of clicking the "Upload Image" button, choosing an image, and sending it into the conversation.
  • Is Yahoo Messenger free to use?

    Yes, obtaining the software and registering an account are both completely free processes, and there will be no reason to pay a fee while using the program. The one potential downside is that the software is advertising-supported, and makes heavy use of ads.
  • What platforms is Yahoo Messenger available for?

    The software can be obtained for Windows, Max, Linux, Android and iOS; there are also releases for SunOS and Solaris, but these are no longer updated. In short, the program can be found across all popular desktop and mobile systems.
  • What are the new features in the latest version of Yahoo Messenger?

    The current version of Messenger has been given a design-wide overhaul. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in social media, it offers enhanced photo-sharing, the ability to "unsend" a post by removing it from conversation, a "likes" feature, support for animated GIFs, and a mode for running offline and in low-connectivity environments.
  • Is it possible to continue using old versions of Yahoo Messenger?

    unfortunately for any users who may prefer them, the older versions of the program are no longer supported. It will be necessary to download a newer version to continue chatting with friends.
  • Can Yahoo Messenger be used in conjunction with third-party messaging apps?

    No. While some users may hope to use Messenger in conjunction with third-party programs such as Pidgin and Trillian, the truth is that the new version of Messenger is not designed to work with any third-party software and is best used on its own, as a self-contained messaging app.


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